Thursday, June 8th, 2017:
10:00-10:10Opening ceremony (room 0094)
10:10-11:10Lesław Skrzypek
On the Maximal (and almost Maximal) Relative Projection Constants
11:20-12:20Anna Kamińska
Diameter two properties in Banach spaces
12:20-13:00Coffee break
13:10-13:30Michael Prophet
Some results on the existence and minimality of shape-preserving extentions
13:35-14:05Maciej Ciesielski
Hardy-Littlewood-Polya relation in the best dominated approximation in symmetric spaces
14:10-14:40Malgorzata Stawiska-Friedland
Completeness of certain spaces of probability measures on $\mathbb{R}^N$ in a Fourier-based metrics
15:00-16:00Lunch break
16:00-18:00Łojasiewicz Lecture (room 0004)/ Table tennis practice (room 1083)
18:00-20:00Table tennis competition (room 1083)

Friday, June 9th, 2017:
10:00-11:00Henryk Hudzik
Order asymptotically isometric copies of $l^\infty$, $c_0$ and $l^1$ in Kothe spaces
11:10-12:10Michał Wojciechowski
On the Pełczyński conjecture on Auerbach bases
12:10-12:40Coffee break
12:40-13:10Anna Pelczar-Barwacz
An unconditionally saturated Banach space with the scalar-plus-compact property
13:15-13:45Marian Nowak
Applications of the theory of Orlicz spaces to vector measures
13:50-14:20Alberto Castejon and Alberto Martin Mendez
On some algebraic aspects related to the projection constants
14:20-15:20Lunch break
15:20-16:20Mieczysław Mastyło
Mahler's measure of polynomials and polynomial inequalities via Rademacher processes

Saturday, June 10th, 2017:
10:00-11:00Asuman Aksoy
From Bernstein Pairs to the Speed of Convergence
11:10-11:40Tadeusz Chawziuk
Composition operator between Orlicz spaces
11:45-12:15Paweł Kolwicz
Local structure in Banach function spaces useful in applications to approximation problems
12:15-12:50Coffee break
12:50-13:20Karol Leśnik
Toeplitz and Hankel operators acting between distinct Hardy spaces
13:25-13:55Piotr Niemiec
Projections commuting with operators
14:00-14:30Radosław Kaczmarek
Normed Orlicz function spaces which can be quasi-renormed with easily calculable quasi-norms
15:00-18:00Conference banquet (room 1016)
18:00-19:30Open discussion session
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